Conference Theme

We are delighted to invite you to the 27th International IPSERA Conference in Athens, Greece, 25-28 March 2018. The conference will be hosted at the Aegli conference hall, adjacent to the historic Zapeion building.

The theme of IPSERA 2018 is

“Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Fostering Innovation”.

As economies have gradually emerged from the latest financial crisis, the business environment is characterised by increased uncertainty. The increased global competition, enhanced supply chain risks and depletion of resources, create a business environment that makes supply chain innovation a pivotal topic for sustained organisational survival and growth. The necessity of sustainable business practices and the need to improve transparency and security across supply chain and generate an exciting new environment and opportunities for purchasing and supply chain leadership.


Purchasing and supply organisations are uniquely poised to bring innovative ideas, reduce risks and maximize the utilisation of assets and data. Supply networks are potentially an invaluable source of innovations and new technologies which cut down total costs drastically and accelerate the pace of launching new competitive products.  Academic research can enhance significantly our understanding of the drivers and enablers that foster supply-side innovations.


The conference will provide a forum for academics and practitioners to present research papers and discuss opportunities to improve effectiveness and creativity in organisations through the design of innovative purchasing and supply chain strategies. The underlying intent of the conference is to gain a better understanding of strategic radical changes and innovations with environmental, ethical, and responsible organisational performance.


The theme offers the opportunity to discuss a wide spectrum of purchasing and supply management topics including (but not limited to): supply chain risk management, the impact of emerging information technologies on supply chain innovation (big data, the Internet-of-Things, additive manufacturing, blockchain technology), supply market intelligence, relationship structuring arrangements, supply chain collaboration to facilitate product and process innovation, role of human resources in supply chain innovation, supply chain security, purchasing leadership, purchasing organization, innovative methods for supplier selection and qualification.

We also invite proposals for special sessions. Please us to express an interest to develop and organise a special track

The conference will be preceded by the IPSERA Doctoral Workshop and the IPSERA Educators Workshop.

Please mark the key conference dates in your calendar. 


Dr Mihalis Giannakis and Professor Lambros Laios

Conference Chairs